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Goodbye Daito
Today is my last day at Daito High school. It has been hectic up until now but, as the teacher seems to have forgotten about my last ever team teaching class here, it seems things are going to go out with a fizzle.

One thing does cheer me up though...and that is that I've just recieved some written goodbye messages from the 2nd year classes with some rather alarming results. Here are the highlights:

"Dear KATHLEEN. Thank you. See you again. I wish a good fight. Misa."

"Dear kathleen. See you next time!! Bye Bye."

"I'll miss you. I'm looking forward to meeting you."

"Dear: Kathleen. You are funny teacher!! Until now, thank you very much!! See you next again. From: Erika"

"DEAR Kathleen. Yeah!! Yeah!! In vigour. Enjoy your life. From Yuri."

"Dear Kathleen. Please hold out in the future. From Manami"

"Dear Kathleen. You are strange teacher!! until now, thank you very much. You are beautiful teacher. See you next again."

"Dear Kathleen. I'm said!! You liked it. I don't forget talking with you. Please hold out energetically. Ayayna"

And finally...

"DEAR Kathleen. HELLO. I don't forget talking with you!! It was painful more together. Let's hold out together toward a dream. I want to go to Britain someday!! Please maintain nice Buddy indefinitely. I want also to blossom into a beautiful girl like you :-) Happily with the box friend...Good bay. Kei"


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