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Today a teacher asked me if I was cold because I was wearing a t-shirt and it was cloudy outside. I had a struggle restraining myself from shouting swear words mingled with "It's 28 degrees and only 8am you freak!" Is this a case of someone trusting what they see more than what they feel: clouds = long sleeves, smile=happy, Johnny Depp=good film? Well it could be, except that several other logic-free encounters have left me thinking it is more a case of someone trusting what they are told more than what they feel.

Koromoge which I mentioned at the start of this month (although not by name) is a good example of this: 1st of June= summer = summer clothes...never mind how you actually feel at the start of June, it is summer, END OF STORY. There is also a swimming season so all of you ridiculously insane people who thought it was really nice and hot around Golden Week and where better to be than dunking yourself in the ocean...well you were WRONG. Swimming season doesn't start until July. More on Japan's severely rigid observation of seasons can be found here, but here is a highlight from that page:
"Trains are heated regardless of the external temperature, which means sauna- like conditions for commuters during late spring and early autumn, and
office heating doesn't come on until November 1st, even if it's butt-
freezingly cold in October."

What the above quote doesn't detail is the fact that office heating consists of a massive dalek which glows orange causing the people close to it to faint and sleep all day and those more than ten feet from it are left to suffer the continuous agony of numb fingers and snow-wet socks.


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