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All things..
Well it's over. I've finished my last ever teaching class and in one hour and 35 minutes I will walk out of Ohara Senior High school and never return. And I'm happy. Very happy. I can't wait to be home looking for a job, a flat and re-discovering the delights of Glasgow and Edinburgh.

It will be fantastic to be building up a life that I actually want rather than enduring one that had been deserted by several others before me and provided little opportunities for improvements! My own life,following its own pattern, and not restricted to using the same teapot, the same walk to school, the same herbs, even the same goldfish (jesus christ!) as previous JETs.


*expect a nostalgic post about life in Japan around three weeks after I'm home -when I'm fed up looking for a job and flat and I can't take another bite of macaroni cheese or I'll kill myself.


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