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London Calling
Well, this is the last night Alan and I will be spending in Senmaya. Yesterday evening we said farewell to Yoronotaki and tonight we will eat our last torinikyu chahan at the yellow Chinese place.

Today I slept while Alan watched Darkman and then we went to Senmaya's Summer Night Music Festival. It was great. We got a lift by one of the boys in the band (Yoshi from the Joes). I took a lot of photos of this crazy frontman who is probably Joe Strummer's number one fan. We drank beeru, ate kebabs and got to watch tiny children be taught how to clap along to punk music. The festival was outdoors in the middle of the countryside and was a terrific way to end our time in Senmaya. Expect photos as soon as I'm home and Danny boy sacrifices half an hour of PC time to let me upload them. Of course they might be somewhat overshadowed by the pics of me and Anthony Kiedis drinking green tea together...

And so to the plan...

Tomorrow morning Alan's Stubborn teachers from his stubborn school will be round to inspect the apartment and no doubt complain. Then we are off to Surisawa where we are stranded for two nights. Then it's the shink to Tokyo, a night in Tokyo and then off to Fuji Rock on Thursday morning to set up the tent as near to the free hot spring as possible! Three days of RRRRROCK will follow where Alan will no doubt get sun burned and come home looking like Dr Zoidberg, I'll drink too much beer and miss the chili peppers and Maire will bring out her Irish dancing outfit and impress the entire festival with her moves...on the Green Stage no doubt.

Then another couple of nights in Tokyo probably reliving our infamous arrival and dancing with prostitutes until 6 in the morning. Then we fly home via London Heathrow (getting to Edinburgh at 17.25pm on the 2nd August for my parentals benefit!)

And let me conclude with the sentiments of Katoh sensei: "Bon voyage! Even though you are not traveling home by ship."


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